Here at Giraffe Distillers, we are committed to a sustainable future.

The process of making spirits, just like most manufacturing processes, is one that has environmental, social and economic implications and there are so many different factors that influence the footprint of a bottle of spirit. In a world rife with escalating environmental concerns, our obligation as a company and our responsibility to the public is to make a neutral, if not positive impact on the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability can be demonstrated with our 168 solar panels, producing the equivalent of 49kWh.

Sustainable Packaging

As our distillery grows, so will we.

We are aiming for all of our suppliers over the next 12 months, to be assessed to ensure that they grow, package and transport their products in a manner that we (and you!) wish to be associated with.

We strive to ensure that all of our ingredients and botanicals are ethically sourced and are of top quality.

Our distillery has been designed with efficiency and environmental awareness at the forefront. With our processes being controlled by innovative technology, making them perform at optimum efficiency, saving energy and resources at every opportunity.